voiceover actor debi mae west
Voicing radio/television commercials, promos, trailers, cartoons, video games, and narrating shows since 1998 has been the greatest job I could ever hope for!!

From playing “Lucky” on 101 Dalmatians cartoon series, to being the promo voice for HGTV for 7 years, to voicing promos for Smithosonian Channel and Investigation Discovery, to weekly commercials for Kroger stores and promos for Starz/Encore – both of which I’ve had the pleasure of voicing for over a decade. From being a Spike Video Game award winner for voicing “Meryl” in one of the top video games of all time – “Metal Gear” to NFL Network, Discovery Health, and the list goes on. In 2017, I have had the pleasure of launching the brand new network from NBC, “The Olympic Channel,” and have been voicing sports promos for NBCSN and NBC as well. You can hear me as the voice of one of the world’s top independent radio stations “Eclectic 24” of KCRW, a pro bono gig that I do with all my heart and soul.

I love this business and I love to use my voice to create whatever is needed to get the job done. I know that when I show up to a studio, or simply walk up my stairs to my home studio, I am about to make personal connections not only with a script, but with the people I work with. I live life to the fullest, and I give my all to voice-overs. I make my producers laugh their heads off. I read it till’ it’s right, and at the end of it all, I have made some lifelong friends and colleagues with my personality and my professional attitude.

The only thing equal to my passion for voice acting is my proactive passion for increasing awareness of environmental issues and encouraging sustainable living habits. As an avid surfer, my concern is removing plastic from the ocean. I am the co-founder of the Los Angeles based organization “Family Affair: changing the world one party at a time”, a growing fund raising effort for charities devoted to eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Through Family Affair, I donate a portion of my voice-over proceeds to causes like “Rise Above Plastics”, which educates people and companies about the oceanic/environmental degradation and destruction caused by single use plastic, such as water bottles, and plastic products.