Summer of 17

Hey everyone. Super excited to get the new version of my website up and running. Thanks to Biondo Studio for that one. Highly recommend.

I am having a pretty stellar summer, with fantastic voice over opportunities, a lot of personal fun and a new project I started called, “don’t be a stranger yo,” which you can check out on Instagram.

In the world of promos, I just finished a series for Investigation Discovery (Vanity Fair Confidential) and a few shows for Smithsonian Channel (America in Color, First Ladies Revealed, and Inside Windsor Castle). June was a blast, as I got to voice promos for Hallmark Channel for the first time, as the voice of their, “June Weddings” campaign. Congratulations to my dear friend, Jane Gross for her promotion to VP at Hallmark.

On the sports promo front, NBC created a new network that I am deeply proud to have launched, “The Olympic Channel.” It’s the home for Team USA, so if you love The Olympics, you can watch to your hearts’ content 24/7. I have been voicing the Grand Prix spots all summer as well for NBCSN and NBC, along with some other awesome events they cover.

NFL Network has a special coming out called, “2017 Hall of Fame Players Only,” which looks like a lot of fun, and I am super excited to be the in-show voice. A couple cool commercials as well, for Red Bull and the California Lottery were on the docket, so I would say it’s been an amazing summer. So grateful!!

What is this, “don’t be a stranger yo,” you ask? Well I got super inspired at the Promax conference in June, to find a creative way to make a difference, and since I love talking to strangers, I decided to spend a full year trying to meet at least 365 new people, in all sorts of settings. The goal is to spread the idea that making friends with someone, you may have never spoken to otherwise, can have an impact for both people and create a positive outflow of good vibes. It’s been a tremendous time, really. So many cool things have come my way, to a stranger offering me chocolate in line at a store, to a stranger showing up at my house with my phone, which I had left in an UBER, to a stranger actually giving me the code to her garage in Manhattan Beach so that I could park in her spot, since there was no parking anywhere. I highly recommend giving this game a go. It leaves a wonderful smile on everyones’ faces.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. Spread love and hugs!!!